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Thoughts, opinions, and questions live here. I mostly write about racial equity, venture capital, building startups, and being Black.

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Sometimes founders can get in the way of their own organization. The concern with some founders is we never stop creating and it is difficult to let go of control. HBCUvc has consistently expanded in the last 3 years. I am proud to work with a team who understands the vision, creates strategies and execute. […]

Blues from end-year work demands and family life have me feeling exhausted and unmotivated to write anything. I missed a post yesterday, and contemplated not posting today. However, not writing will only cheat my future self, who will likely want to re-read and reflect, from the full range of emotions experienced during this time. So, […]

I spent significant time today shifting my email process again. I spend a lot of time in meetings, and have struggled with responding to emails within a reasonable time frame. A few months ago, I switched over to Superhuman which has been helpful by providing a convention on multiple inboxes and keyboard shortcuts. However, our […]

I created a Tiktok account today and made my first TikTok. This truly is work related. I am curious on tools to leverage to create engaging education content. Especially on subject areas that can be difficult to learn. I explored tiktok and various hashtags including #venturecapital. There wasn’t a lot of creators posting with the […]

Good Morning. I’m feeling cute with my all Black-owned fits. I’m a minimalist. I don’t own a lot of clothing, however, in the past year I’ve strategic by swapping out some basics with Black-owned brands. Here’s a list of brands included in the picture or products I’ve used in my morning routine. Melt by Kaike […]

A friend shared an article on Facebook on Why more Black elected officials hasn’t created better outcomes for Black Americans. As I read the article, I thought of the parallels of Black elected officials who exist in historically White domains and Black venture capitalists who also operate in historically White domains. The article gives reasoning […]

We use Airtable for HBCUvc to keep contact info for our program participants. Majority of the data existing in our Airtable was imported from program applications, which was created using Typeform. As programs grow and time passes, we want to ensure we keep our participant data up-to-date. One option is to allow participants to update […]

Yesterday, I committed to not writing another vent post this month. Although, my goal is normalize a process of reflecting through writing, I didn’t want to look back at these posts and see anger in each post. Today, I spent the day overthinking topics for this post. Here are the various topics that came to […]

In my first professional role, I was fortunate to have a Black manager. I was a young software engineer, 20 years old — right out of college, when I had an unfortunate conversation with a team member. The conversation had a lot of racist undertones. As a Black women working for a Black manager, I […]

“Now keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit” – Erykah Badu Sometimes I’m a hater, particularly when it comes to my work and organizations in similar spaces. It’s real and a characteristic I have to actively manage. HBCUvc is deeply personal for me. It is me. It is my family […]