Awareness of Exceptional Moments Requires Perspective

Example I

The organization that I founded and run, HBCUvc, currently has a staff of ten, and we’re an all-Black women team. (Note: this is not our goal because we are genuinely anchored in the value of diversity, but it is our current situation) Last week, we hosted an in-person staff retreat after two years of not meeting in person. (IG recap can be viewed here)

A portion of our retreat included ziplining and lunch hosted at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA. Salamander Resort is the only Five-star resort to be owned by a Black woman.

During our lunch, the team noticed a McBride Sisters wine flight offered on the menu. Immediately, the entire team was inspired to order the wine flight. Why? Well, the McBride Sisters is the largest Black-owned wine company and was founded by two Black women.

We were in the moment, an all-Black women organization, onsite at a luxury hotel owned by a Black woman, enjoying wine made by Black women. I’m sure to the casual onlooker, the moment appeared as a group of girlfriends enjoying a glass of wine. But for us, the moment was magical and a confluence of affirming achievements.

Example II

We live in a tiny town in Denmark. No one knows the town, not even the Danes. A couple of weeks ago, our local newspaper ran an article about how a Danish basketball player, Gabriel ‘Iffe’ Lundberg, was in town and practicing at the local gym. Lundberg most recently played in Russia and had to leave due to the war but had a contract that would allow him to briefly play for the NBA. The sentiment was it was unlikely he would have playing time. While waiting for his transition to the USA, he stayed in a local vacation home and practiced at the local gym.

On April 4, Gabriel ‘Iffe’ Lundberg, made sports history as the first Danish person to play in the NBA. Here is a link to a video clip of the Danish commentators watching the moment which was historical for them and the other 5 Million people in Denmark. In my limited Danish, I can hear the commentators excitedly say…”Is that him?…No. Yes, it’s him! No. That is him! Number 19! …Danish Sports history!”

In Denmark, sports history was made and the entire country celebrated and cheered for Lundberg from afar. The next day, I did a google search and observed this historical moment was only captured in Danish media. For many, in the US, this was just another basketball game.


These were two exceptional moments that stood out for my varied communities and me in the past two weeks. There will be celebrations, moments, opportunities, activities, and shifts that I will experience differently because of who I am and my perspective. On the flip side, I’m curious about all the moments and activities I miss due to my lack of perspective. It is a constant reminder that we should be all asking ourselves, ‘What am I seeing because of my perspective?’, but more importantly, ‘What am I not seeing?’

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