Afrofuturism as an Investment Thesis

Afrofuturism is my favorite genre of books to read. The concept of Afrofuturism often reimagines a reality outside of the constructs of whiteness and white supremacy. If you’re unfamiliar with Afrofuturism, Taylor Crumpton writes a great article called, Afrofuturism Has Always Looked Forward.

Crumpton writes, “Afrofuturism evaluates the past and future to create better conditions for the present generation of Black people through the use of technology […] Afrofuturism emerges as a guide to push society into a future full of Black empowerment.” She also quotes Tim Fielder, graphic novelist, and creator of INFINITUM: An AfroFuturist Tale and Matty’s Rocket, “We have the power to show what an inclusive future looks like. We can show what ergonomic housing and transportation, food and water equality, as well as the dismantling of systemic racism, looks like. When a narrative is embedded with those visuals it takes on a more powerful connecting tissue. That is Afrofuturism.”

I most experience Afrofuturism in books, music, or movies. However, I’m curious about leveraging it as an investment thesis. (In venture capital, an investment thesis often defines the markets and types of companies an investor will fund.)

I imagine an Afrofuturistic fund would invest in health, climate, fintech, media, and food ventures that shift culture and generate a positive societal good, especially for Black people globally. It would also offer more creative investment vehicles similar to (allowing a revenue share option versus taking ownership in a company) or Upside Partnerships (which splits its profits with its founders)

A sample portfolio may include companies such as CityBlock Health, Esusu, Kiverdi, SluttyVegan, BlocPower, KweliTV, Solo Funds, Kibo School*, Goodr, Bankly, Rebundle, EnerWealth Solutions.

So that may just be my thesis.

*Note: I’m an investor in Kibo School

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