A Day In the Life Of (Sorta)


5:45a Wake up

6a 20 min Power Yoga

6:30 Prayer and Reading

7a Wake kids, make school lunches

7:45a Kick kids out of house to go to pre-school/school

8a Eat breakfast and drink tea in silence (happy place)

8:30a Shower and dress

9a Start Work. Email Clean Up

11:59a Inbox 0

12:00p Lunch with hubs

12:15p Errand: Dropoff passport renewal application at post office

1p Work continues: Forecasting and Planning

2p My Scheduled call was a no-show

3p Meeting with lawyer

4p Kids are back in the house and I’m in a meeting with an advisor

5p Community Yoga Class

6:15p Dinner

7p Zone out in the reading chair while hubs puts children to bed

7:15p Knit and listen to Levar Burton Reads podcast (happy place)

9p Work part 3 continues. Meeting with leadership team

10p 1:1 with staff member

11p Scheduled meeting is cancelled. I should really go to bed. But decided to catch up on LinkedIn messages

12a I should really really go to bed. But I’m writing this blog post. Oh tomorrow morning is going to be miserable

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About Hadiyah

Practicing loving God, neighbors, and myself daily. Leveraging venture capital to advance racial equity at HBCUvc.