1/9/23 5:45a Wake up 6a 20 min Power Yoga 6:30 Prayer and Reading 7a Wake kids, make school lunches 7:45a Kick kids out of house to go to pre-school/school 8a Eat breakfast and drink tea in silence (happy place) 8:30a Shower and dress 9a Start Work. Email Clean Up 11:59a Inbox 0 12:00p Lunch with […]

Afrofuturism is my favorite genre of books to read. The concept of Afrofuturism often reimagines a reality outside of the constructs of whiteness and white supremacy. If you’re unfamiliar with Afrofuturism, Taylor Crumpton writes a great article called, Afrofuturism Has Always Looked Forward. Crumpton writes, “Afrofuturism evaluates the past and future to create better conditions […]

Example I The organization that I founded and run, HBCUvc, currently has a staff of ten, and we’re an all-Black women team. (Note: this is not our goal because we are genuinely anchored in the value of diversity, but it is our current situation) Last week, we hosted an in-person staff retreat after two years […]

It’s been 15 years since I’ve experienced “Spring” as a season. I grew up in Philadelphia, where we had all 4 seasons, but I have lived in California since 2007. Last year, my husband and I made the personal decision to move our family to Denmark. He is from Denmark, grew up there, and moved […]

Below is a draft framework towards an equitable venture capital (VC) industry. Please note: The word “equity” is used frequently lot in this post. The primary meaning of equity in VC refers to ownership in private companies. In this post, “equity” refers to economic fairness and justice for all people. This framework is modeled from […]

This post was originally written in 2015. However, I wanted to repost it here from a previous blog platform. I made minor edits, 1) to use capital B in Black when referring to people, and 2) replace ‘blacks’ to read ‘Black People.’ Language used on how we define ourselves is always a journey. In case […]

This week I read ‘A Drop of Midnight’ by Jason Diakité. Jason is a Swedish rapper, the son of two Americans (White mother and Black father), and was born and raised in Sweden. I was attracted to the book because I thought it would focus on Jason’s life in Sweden as a Black man. I […]

I finally purchased a Facebook Portal TV today after a friend’s recommendation in March. (Note friend is an engineer at Facebook) I am too excited to make video calls from my TV. Today, I called my grandmother and in-laws and (like a kid with a new toy) shared all the cool effects of the portal. […]

From a work perspective, 2020 is a wrap. The new COVID vaccine began its rollout this week, signaling a possible near-end to the COVID era. And the new year starts in 2 weeks. Six years ago, Morten (my husband) and I went on a road trip with our camper van. On our way back home, […]

Many of us are aiming to close out all 2020 work items by tomorrow, December 18th. I think December 18th is the unofficial date to check out of 2020 mentally. I have less than 24 hours to meet this ambitious deadline and a whiteboard full of todos. The HBCUvc staff will officially be on break […]