Get Out of the Way

Sometimes founders can get in the way of their own organization. The concern with some founders is we never stop creating and it is difficult to let go of control. HBCUvc has consistently expanded in the last 3 years. I am proud to work with a team who understands the vision, creates strategies and execute. And it is still true that HBCUvc is my “baby.”

As a founder, there are times when I step in and ask overbearing questions out of concern, or throw in last minute changes based on a vision. I did this twice today. I interrupted a working meeting between two staff members and distracted from the purpose of the meeting with my questions. One staff member politely and directly shared an amazing accomplishment of the team and with it basically said “GO AWAY — WE GOT THIS.”

Later in the day, I threw in some last minute changes in Slack to an existing program. I also got an immediate and direct response.

I work with an amazing team who are passionate about our work. However, the thing I love most about this team is their ability to politely let me know when I need to get out of the way.

***This is part of the HBCUvc daily post challenge. This is post 11. Please forgive typos, errors, or any temporary moments of sanity. The goal is to just write.***

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Practicing loving God, neighbors, and myself daily. Leveraging venture capital to advance racial equity at HBCUvc.