The Problem with Snot

Blues from end-year work demands and family life have me feeling exhausted and unmotivated to write anything. I missed a post yesterday, and contemplated not posting today. However, not writing will only cheat my future self, who will likely want to re-read and reflect, from the full range of emotions experienced during this time.

So, here’s a quick summary of what’s mostly vexing me today (besides 2020). SJ (my daughter) woke up with a snotty nose last Friday. She’s 2, and pre-covid this would be a normal thing — this is why the phrase ‘snotty-nosed kid’ is a thing. However, in 2020, this is a Covid symptom which means neither kid can return to preschool until she has a negative Covid test AND she has no symptoms. We got the test, it was negative for Covid. However, snotty noses are hard to rid of during ‘winter’ months and you’re two years old. Again, this is why we say ‘snotty-nosed kid.’ So, both kids have been home from preschool.

Outside of the snot, my kids are still highly energetic and love attention from their parents. Being stuck home again (six months during the pandemic) with two working parents, who are both working to wrap up all end-year work issues by end of week, has not been fun for the kids or parents.

The kids have altered their pretend play to make-believe zoom meetings and keyboard typing. I’m pretty sure, my two year told me that she was tweeting yesterday. But mostly, I’m just really exhausted.

***This is part of the HBCUvc daily post challenge. This is post 10. Please forgive typos, errors, or any temporary moments of sanity. The goal is to just write.***

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