Eat the frog

It is rumored that Mark Twain once said something like “If you have to eat a frog, do it first thing in the morning.” For me, writing is that frog.

Yesterday, I wrote a post and pledged to write 30 more posts in 30 days. I hate yesterday me.

This morning, I woke up early as usual and got into some work. There was a quiet thought about maybe starting the day writing. But there was a louder thought, that convinced myself, that I’ll have something better to write if I wait until the end of the day. Now, its 10pm and I do have something better to write, but now I am too tired and half-witted. I hate morning me.

I wish I was sales-y and cliche-y enough to turn this post into a wonderful post about productivity and time management. But the snark always wins, especially at this hour. Bottom line: do shit in the morning when I have the energy and I am at my brightest. Eat the frog.

Oh, yeah, and it turns out Mark Twain never even said that shit.

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