Hunter Walk Says I Need To Write More

Ok, he didn’t tell me this directly, but I came across his post, Writing When You Might Be Wrong. In his post, Hunter mentions the reason most people do not write is the need to be right. (Incidentally, the need to be right is an ailment that many counselors blame for the breakdown of marriages)

The above is true for me. (Not the part about marriage; my husband knows I am always right) But the part about being 100% right in my writing and feeling confident about it. In the past, blog writing has caused me time and anxiety as I agonize over what to write. The topics usually vary between code, startup projects, and diversity. Imposter syndrome is the usual blocker for code and startup posts. And not wanting to be that ‘black girl that’s always talking about diversity’ is the normal blocker for diversity posts.

But Hunter Walk says ‘Fuck It, and just write something’. (Again, he really didn’t say that. But you should know I’m a bit dramatic by now) So, I’m going to take his advice and just write something.

I’m pledging to write 30 posts in the next 30 days. I’m putting it out there, so please keep me to it. Also, please let me know if there are any topics you would like for me to write about. Right now, (between my 3 clients, teaching part-time at Hackbright, and my own startup projects), I’m heads into salesforce apex programming, sending responsive html emails in rails, lean startup/customer acquisition experiments, and code curriculum development. Oh, and I guess diversity by default, because you know I’m black, and a women, and a developer, and its a hot topic right now. So, let me know if you would like to hear any of the above.

Thanks for tuning in!

One thought on “Hunter Walk Says I Need To Write More

  1. It would be interesting to hear thoughts on customer acquisition. I have a product that people seem to respond well to so far… The challenge is getting the word out.

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