Developers – Does typing speed matter?

This week pairing with Tammer Saleh has been pretty cool. Its a great opportunity and I’m learning a lot. My main reasons for joining the TBL team is to ramp up my developer skills. The first feedback from Tammer, after our pairing session was that I didn’t know how to type. Actually, he told me I wasn’t allowed to ‘drive’ anymore until I learned how to type.

Ok? Me? Techie me? I don’t know how to type? I’m on a computer most of the day, typing emails, tweeting, and blogging (not really). How can I not be a proficient typer? I filed this comment in the randomness of all things Tammer, until yesterday. I saw a tweet from hacker news with a link to is a typing app for developers. So, this speed typing is actually a thing. So, much of a thing that someone made an app for typing practice. A couple of google searches revealed more posts of typing speed being a factor for developers. I’m not a two finger pecker. But according to wpm speeds posted online by developers, I may be a remedial typer at 47wpm. A couple of blog posts suggest that developers should have typing speeds on 60+ wpm.

So, I’ll be practicing my typing skills to earn the keys to ‘drive’. Just curious, if you’re a developer, does typing speed matter? Also, what’s your wpm?

3 thoughts on “Developers – Does typing speed matter?

  1. lol my wpm according to that website is 93 wpm. Get ya game up Diyah!!!! lol ->

    I do think it’s important to be able to type quickly.. it helps me power through things but i also think that, being comfortable with your IDE (or editting tool) can make up for lack of speed. For example, I’ve seen some people who I probably type faster than, but know emacs/vi/intellij etc and the shortcuts so well, that makes them terribly efficient. My thoughts would be learn the shortcuts + improve your typing speed 😀

  2. I also totally screwed up with that typing test. What was hard for me was mostly dealing with not having tab completion and other tricks. I think when I notice someone is slow when I’m pairing with them, the reason is experience in the editor you are using, rather than typing speed. Also I’d recommend pushing to drive more since it’s a great way to improve on the editor tricks and typing Ruby.

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