New Beginnings

I’m excited to announce that last week I joined the Thunderbolt Labs family. I’ve accepted a role as an apprentice and will be supporting operations, as well as ramping up to be a badass developer. 


What about Picturely?

Picturely was a great project where I learned a lot. One of the goals of picturely was to make sense of or to help find patterns with pictures uploaded to the web. We started by exploring the twitter platform and pictures that were uploaded there. However, there were many things that went wrong from the beginning. If I had to point out the biggest failure, it would be that our team was not the right team for this project. The picturely team was formed at a weekend hackathon. In my opinion, this is similar to getting drunk, meeting, and then marrying someone at Vegas. While it does make for an interesting story, these type of marriages often do not last. But we’ve remained friends. (:

What about being an entrepreneur? Why work for someone else?

I don’t think that I can ever stop being an entrepreneur. My expectation is that I will be entrepreneurial while working for Thunderbolt, and outside of Thunderbolt. My biggest reason for joining Thunderbolt is Tammer Saleh and Randall Thomas. They are both well known in the Ruby community. And they both get paid a shitload of money to go to other companies to mentor and train their developers. By working directly for them, I get to learn from them and have access to their knowledge. Other people pay for this type of access, I get the access for free and net positive with a monetary gain. Big Win for me. In addition, Thunderbolt Labs is still very much a startup. So, I’m also learning how to run a startup. Huge Win for me.

So, what’s next?

Well, first week at Thunderbolt was a blast. Complete nerd overload. Playing around in RubyMotion and Objective-C. Geeky talks about Maglev and Clojure. What more can a girl ask for? I expect that within the coming weeks, I should have a shit load of content for blog posts based on all the stuff that I’m learning. So, stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Congratulations on your new move! And, also, LOL @ comparing meeting at a hackathon to getting married in Vegas. I’ve never experienced either but somehow I completely understood what you were talking about.

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