Introverts and Poets take the stage: TED Day 2

Yesterday proved to be another amazing day at TED. The excitement, over stimulation, and late night from Day 1 caught up with me mid day. After an inspiring talk from Susan Cain on introverts and society being more introvert-friendly, I decided to claim my introvert badge and listened to the next session in one of the simulcast rooms. My favorite talks of the day included Susan’s talk on introverts and Poet Billy Collin’s witty video poems. The last session was called “The Dinner Party”, where the format of the talk was different from the traditional TED talk. Instead, the stage was set up with a dining table, as featured guests softly debated philosophical issues. I think this talk was the most experimental of all the TED talks and drew a mixed reaction from the audience. I personally didn’t enjoyed the last session, and met others who shared my opinions. Nonetheless, there still isn’t anything that can take away from overall magic experience of TED.

Spent the evening once again talking and meeting more people. Enjoyed the afterparty at the Westin lobby, which I danced the night away with space archeologists, neuroscientists, vcs, and research fellows. Probably one of the best dance parties, I’ve experienced in a long time.

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