Cockroach Surgery and Chinese Bluegrass: TED Day 1

The infamous TED conference started yesterday here in Long Beach. The program kicked off with the TED Fellow Talks. I knew that TED is well known for gathering some of the most extraordinary minds around the world. But I really had no idea.

I started the day with a scheduled thirty minute Speed Meeting session, which ended up lasting two hours as I was floored with meeting some of the most impressive people from around the world in three minute intervals.

Next I watched the TED Fellows give talks of their work and passions. I was filled with emotion hearing Zena el Khalil talk with passion about her artwork which conveys her love for Beirut, Love, and and the color Pink. My description really does not do her talk or art any justice. But you can check out some of her work at

I was also treated to watching a cockroach get his leg amputated by a neuroscientist in order to demonstrate the sound of brain waves.

I watched Abigail Washburn perform bluegrass jazz with a banjo while singing in Chinese.

Gave a standing ovation to a young man who created a device to detect anemia without drawing blood in remote villages in India. This was created in an effort to lower the deaths of pregnant women and their babies due to undiagnosed anemia.

After the talks, we were treated to small group dinners where we were paired in groups to meet more extraordinary people. Followed by dessert outdoor block party, while the band, Red Baraat rocked us with their beats.

Then as if the day wasn’t enough, we ended the day on a yacht to meet more awesome people.

Ok — this is my brief synopsis of TED Day 1. Have to run, Day 2 has already begun!

Full coverage of the TED Fellow Talks here

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