Keep In Mind That I’m an Artist

“Now keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit” – Erykah Badu

Sometimes I’m a hater, particularly when it comes to my work and organizations in similar spaces. It’s real and a characteristic I have to actively manage.

HBCUvc is deeply personal for me. It is me. It is my family and community. I spend so much of my time cultivating it and have sacrificed much for it. Because it’s so personal, I don’t naturally respond kindly (emotionally) to others working in the space who are not as intentional.

However, I have learned these intentions often don’t count for shit in the greater community — only impact and results. It is wasted energy for me to question personal motivations if in the end there’s fruit and we’re all eating.

***This is part of the HBCUvc daily post challenge. This is post 2. Please forgive typos, errors, or any temporary moments of sanity. The goal is to just write.***

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About Hadiyah

Practicing loving God, neighbors, and myself daily. Leveraging venture capital to advance racial equity at HBCUvc.