Pushing in 2018

Each year, I attempt to do a self-reflection blog post. Generally, the blog post is a recap of the previous year and an expression of personal and professional ambitions for the new year. This year, I have no real desire or motivation to write this post. I attribute this lack of motivation to my inherent laziness.

I have always been lazy, but I notice there’s always a special form of laziness or procrastination that comes to me right before a “breakthrough.” This form of laziness usually involves a decision fork where one flow means that I decide (or self-sabotage myself to believe) that the activity is not important enough to exert any additional effort and give up. The other flow usually means I need to work hard and push through the laziness until the desired outcome is achieved.

In my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some natural abilities and talent that have afforded me some success without real effort. In my school years, I’ve always maintained above average grades without studying. I also had a natural athletic ability, which allowed me to excel in track and field without any real effort. I would often decide that the additional physical pain was not worth it, especially if I’m already winning — 1st place is still 1st place no matter the output exerted to achieve it. There were only a couple of coaches who caught on to my laziness and challenged me to do better.

“What about your personal best? You’re cheating yourself of never knowing your personal best”

In 2018, I’m hoping to start a new year of personal bests.



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