2016 Review

This review is written mainly for self-reflection. But publishing in the case others can find value in my self-notes.

I walked into 2016 with no expectations. Mainly because I was a new parent and was so unsure of what the year would bring. 

With no expectations, 2016 was full of positive surprises.

A few professional highlights:

Biggest learnings

  • I’m most productive when I’ve taken care of myself (work out, eat well, sleep)
  • It’s a worthy investment (time and money) to take care of yourself (weekly meal planning to eat well, keeping kid on schedule to get sleep at night, look good/feel good)
  • Ask for help. Be specific when asking for help.

Personal highlights:

Too many. Most from enjoying Mads’ first year.

I could’ve done the below better:

  • Better separation of family and work. I often felt guilt when I was doing one, because I felt I was lacking in the other.

2017 Goals:

  • Self care on 100. Why? Everything else falls in order when I am well. 

Reminder to self – 

If you are in a slump – here’s your checklist

  1. Tell partner how you feel
  2. Be gentle. Baby steps
  3. Take a shower
  4. Have some tea
  5. Go for a run or walk if you can make it out of the house. If not, 7min workout

Can’t sleep due to anxiety checklist

  1. Put down the phone
  2. Start writing 

Happy 2017!

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