Yup, those are my students – Hackbright’s Frontend Demo Day Recap

Ten weeks ago I wrote this.

Well, yesterday was our final class and we ended with final presentations. Each student presented both a personal project and a group project. And I do not have the exact words to communicate how impressed I was, not only with the final projects, but with what was accomplished by the students in a short period of time.

So, you’ll have to just see for yourself. Below, I’m including links to the both the personal portfolios and group projects, and picture of the demos.

Group Projects

  • Women In Engineering Stats Visualization – Carol Chen and Susan Fischer An interactive data visualization of number of women in engineering roles in tech companies using NVD3 and Parse. Uses the Women In Software Engineering Data Set created by and maintained by Tracy Chou.
  • California Reservoir Water Levels – Karly Bryerman, Claire Woods, and Paula Chiu An interactive map of water levels in the major reservoirs of the state of California using D3, and rails.
  • Weather App – Ella Chiang and Kate Steinmeyer Weather app that displays the full week and today’s current weather. it is web responsive and uses an api from openweathermap.org/api
  • Travel Itinerary App – Demi Skipper, Jaime Corley, and Nicole Rosendin An interactive website that allows users to log in via Facebook to submit and search complete travel itineraries. All data is stored in Firebase.
  • Aggregate Space Art Gallery Website – Willis Meyers, Sofya Mulenok, Kore Oliver A fully responsive, mobile-ready website for an art gallery complete with an jquery image gallery and custom slider. The “Oakland Events” section is pulling the data about the latest art events from Oakland Art Murmur website through the use of import.io service, which dinamically transforms the site into the JSON object.

Personal Portfolio Projects 

Pictures from Demo Day (click on image to enlarge)

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