30 blog posts in 30 days — motivation check

I am in blog debt. Today, I am -4 for my 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Everyday I attempt to write a blog post.

*Sits at computer*

*Writes a paragraph*

*Ugh, that’s stupid*

*Deletes. Starts again*

*Sigh. Too snarky*

*Deletes. Starts again*


*Deletes. Why am I doing this again?*

Why am I doing this?

I hate dislike writing. It can be a limited form of communication that is highly dependent on the perspective and understanding of the reader. But within the same stroke, it can be transformative, therapeutic, and a good form of knowledge transfer to both the writer and the reader. Perspective/understanding of the reader is nothing that I can control. But transformation, healing, and knowledge transfer are items I can dig.

But I am being too vague and fluffy. In order, for me to get through this challenge without the extra stress or anxiety, I need to know my specific goals. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Content writing practice. I have a couple of projects that I am launching in which I am choosing content as a marketing strategy and customer acquisition channel. I can write posts to test out how potential customers respond.
  2. Marketing/Provide Value to Current Clients I am still trying to figure out which blog post topics provide the most value to my clients.
  3. Self document learnings. Writing as a way to reinforce the things that I am learning.

I should ask myself daily one of three questions:

  1. Are there any new topics of interest or things that I’ve discovered that are relevant to the customers of my products?
  2. What can I say to my current clients that will provide them value today?
  3. Is there anything that I am learning that I can explore further by writing?

The above are my priorities and are more important to me than the frequency of posts. Although, everyday I will still attempt to write a post.

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