The Rejection Challenge Redone

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read a couple of posts on the rejection challenge. The rejection challenge is a game in which the single goal is to be rejected by a person every day. The theory is that the challenge will reduce the fear of rejection and thus build confidence.

No one likes to be rejected and the fear of rejection sometimes stops us from asking for the things we want or need. I considered doing the rejection challenge, but it wouldn’t work for me. One, I’ve never been able to “trick myself”. Two, the challenge can be easily ‘hacked’. Every day I could ask someone an absurd question, and attribute their response to the game and not rejection. Rejection comes with an expectation of acceptance. No expectation of acceptance, then it really wasn’t a rejection.

However, the real value is in the ask. Neither rejection or acceptance can happen without an ask. I propose changing the rejection challenge to the ask challenge. The goal of the challenge would be to ask of something from everyone you encounter.

My ask for the reader:  I have many many more days in this 30 day blog post challenge. I need blog topic ideas. Can you either comment or email me{at}hadiyah{dot}me with blog topics I should want about?

Sidenote to E: Yes, I’m already working on the Customer Acquisition post.

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