NewMe Demo Day


Live Blogging from NewMe demo day.  NewMe accelerator.

First to present is Curtiss Pope from AisleFinder. Curtiss Pope starts his presentation by giving a personal story as a child of having to find his way home. Since then he’s been obsessed with “finding his way.” Goes into AisleFinder being an app to help you find your way around a grocery store, Since Nov 2010, AisleFinder is in 1300 stores national and international. AisleFinder is currently available online as well as mobile. Partnerships include alice, taskrabbit, and others.

Social Software for Couples built by couple Becky Cruze and Pius. Huge market opportunity over 60 million couples in the US. BeCouply focuses on Discover, Capture, and Connect for couples. Sounds like a great app to discover great places to go for dates, capture in your own couple scrapbook, and helps coordinate planning for meeting up with other couples. Launching a private beta in September.

Allows users to create an instant online identity to tell your story beautifully. Similar to, but allows a reputation management system. Business verticals include Real Estate, Insurance, and Journalist/Media.

Playd by Anthony Frasier. Social network for gamers. Allows a check-in for gamers. Rewards given for playing games. Also, allows gamers to discover new games. Plan to launch beta at the end of the month.

 Vouch by Wayne Sutton. Unified recommendation system for social media. Wayne mentions that this is his second pivot since being involved in NewMe. A simple way to vouch who a person is online and offline. Different from LinkedIn recommendation system, provides recommendation with ease. Vouch plans to change the way people communicate online and get value from online status updates. Plan for API and launch in December. Plan to make make money from data analytics.

Founded by Tiffani Bell. Pencil You In started with Tiffani’s experience while in college and trying to arrange hair appts with her stylist through multiple phone calls and callbacks. Current way of making an appt with your stylist is inefficient. Web app allows stylist profile, along with hours. Added a feature for clients who are not tech savy. Clients can make appts by an automated phone line which will sync with stylists schedule. Business model includes Freemium subscriptions with highest plan at $39.00 month. App also allows clients to pay in advance for appointments.

Founded by Hank Williams. Able to compile, collaborate, and share all your emails, tweets, documents, contacts, and appointments in one place. Private beta will be open in a couple of weeks.

Founded by Angela Benton. Mobile app that creates an automated recommendation system based on your likes that it has created based on your check-ins and ratings. Mobile app will send “nudges” will you are near a place that you may like and for upcoming events that you may like. Private beta to be released in a couple of weeks.

Founded by Crisson Jno-Charles and Alisa Boguslavskaya. A third way to shop. App that allows you to post shopping requests. Shoppers can fulfill requests either for a small fee or “karma.” Great app for community-based shopping. Founders mention that the focus is on shopping and not errand based. Shoppers can fulfill multiply requests at one time.

Founded by Chris Bennett, Arrel Gray, and Ed Robertshaw. An app that focuses on creating professional websites businesses with ease. Has an app store for users to create their sites and integrate their own social media feeds.

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