Time Management without the Time

Update since my quitting post: I have not completely ended my service at my company, but now I work part-time and only go into the office two days a week. So now, you would think I now have plenty of free time to work on my projects. However, since becoming available, a multitude of opportunities have presented themselves. I’ve found myself trying to keep up with the possible opportunities, and continue to work on my projects. I feel as if I have less time now, than when I was working full-time. One thing that I’ve noticed that has help me focus while multi-tasking is to schedule co-working meetings. I’ve set up co-working meetings, where myself and partners agree to meet for a couple hours with the purpose of completing a specific task. These meetings have been very helpful for myself for many reasons. First, because I’ve notice that I’ve become a little ADD over the years. So, when I sit down to do a task after about 20 minutes, I usually start doing something else. And second, meeting with other people helps keep me accountable. Thirdly, working with other people usually creates better ideas. So, if I had an entrepreneurs tool-box, co-working would be an essential tool in the kit.

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Practicing loving God, neighbors, and myself daily. Leveraging venture capital to advance racial equity at HBCUvc.