Looking for a bf who <3 startups and lives on my block

So, I’m at the point where I could probably use a little more time management. Between working full time, co-running an organization, and building a startup, it seems I seldom have time for anything else. Within the last week, a few people have asked me about dating, when do i, who, and the Bay area dating scene. Dating really seems like such a foreign concept to me right now. Don’t get me wrong, I would so enjoy to go on a good date. But, my busybee mind thinks its too risky. If I go on a date, and I really don’t enjoy it, that’s one or two hours where I could’ve been working on something else. Another reason why I’m against dating right now is I really don’t think I would be a fair partner to date. My time is limited, and my conversations will be probably be of no interest, just boring tech and startup stuff. In addition, to be completely honest, I’m really not feeling my flyest right now. Late nights have me looking\feeling tired. Most mornings, I wake up and throw on my sw grind gear (hat, t-shirt, jeans, and sneaks). Not fly at all.

So, I received some informal advice from one of my partners. We were sharing a cab, and he mentioned he was going to do a day trip over the weekend with a girl he was dating. My initial response was “Oh, that’s sweet.” Then it hit me. I knew my partner was just as busy as I was, how the the hell did he find time to date. So, I asked, “When do you find time to date?” His response, “Oh, she lives on my street”

And the Eddie Murphy (Coming to America) “Ah HA” goes off in my head. Must find a bf who lives on my street. 🙂

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