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This past week, I started my first week of 50 coffee dates. In my previous post, I was not excited about any of the coffee dates. In the past, these meetings have been somewhat blah. We meet — then talk around each other for an hour — then promise to connect again — but never […]

First, my apologies for starting a daily post on TED and stopping after day 2. It was my intention to chronicle each day, but TED ended up getting the best of me, and I got the best of TED. I decided not to do a recap of the TED talks. It is available online on […]

Yesterday proved to be another amazing day at TED. The excitement, over stimulation, and late night from Day 1 caught up with me mid day. After an inspiring talk from Susan Cain on introverts and society being more introvert-friendly, I decided to claim my introvert badge and listened to the next session in one of […]

The infamous TED conference started yesterday here in Long Beach. The program kicked off with the TED Fellow Talks. I knew that TED is well known for gathering some of the most extraordinary minds around the world. But I really had no idea. I started the day with a scheduled thirty minute Speed Meeting session, […]