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I finally purchased a Facebook Portal TV today after a friend’s recommendation in March. (Note friend is an engineer at Facebook) I am too excited to make video calls from my TV. Today, I called my grandmother and in-laws and (like a kid with a new toy) shared all the cool effects of the portal. […]

I’ve been thinking recently about current onboarding techniques used by Saas products. Many of the products that I sign up for send an automated email after signup. I usually receive one of two types of emails. The first type of email is sent from ‘the company’, with ‘thank you for signing up’ content, and other […]

Notes from SOMA Tech Panel Meetup, Marketing for Startups, hosted at Tradeshift. 1. Know your audience. It helps to create personas for your customers. ie. Becky, a 35 year old, stay-at-home mother, may be a persona for one of your users. Where does Becky hang out online and offline? What does Becky read? These might […]

This past week, I started my first week of 50 coffee dates. In my previous post, I was not excited about any of the coffee dates. In the past, these meetings have been somewhat blah. We meet — then talk around each other for an hour — then promise to connect again — but never […]

This morning I had a customer discovery interview…(I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but in short: I’m working on a new independent project and working with foodies all day)…ok, back to the blog post. So, this morning I had a customer discovery interview with a small grocery owner for said project. During the […]

A micropreneur is an entrepreneur willing to accept the risk of starting and managing the type of business that remains small, lets them do the kind of work they want to do, and offers them a balanced lifestyle. – Or you could substitute this definition with a more urban definition like: A micropreneur is someone […]

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article in the Huffington Post, titled “Art Incubators: How Libraries Offer More Than Books.” The article highlights a project called Library as Incubator that focuses on using libraries as a community resource which support and allow collaboration with artists. The Library as Incubator Project appears to be focus on […]

I often receive emails or view posts of the flavor, “I have an idea, I don’t know how to code, now what?” This is my response for those who are curious about starting an web-based or software startup. (in no particular order) Start Building Startup Weekend Find a local hackathon Google Lean Startup   Customer […]

Its been two weeks since leaving the part-time work and being able to focus on the startup full-time. The harsh reality of business building has approached fast. The single phrase to describe the past two weeks would be described as pivots and moments of insanity. Despite the cute novelty of having a view of recent […]

Live Blogging from NewMe demo day.  NewMe accelerator. First to present is Curtiss Pope from AisleFinder. Curtiss Pope starts his presentation by giving a personal story as a child of having to find his way home. Since then he’s been obsessed with “finding his way.” Goes into AisleFinder being an app to help you find […]