Category: Lessons learned

This morning I had a customer discovery interview…(I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but in short: I’m working on a new independent project and working with foodies all day)…ok, back to the blog post. So, this morning I had a customer discovery interview with a small grocery owner for said project. During the […]

This week pairing with Tammer Saleh has been pretty cool. Its a great opportunity and I’m learning a lot. My main reasons for joining the TBL team is to ramp up my developer skills. The first feedback from Tammer, after our pairing session was that I didn’t know how to type. Actually, he told me […]

I’m excited to announce that last week I joined the Thunderbolt Labs family. I’ve accepted a role as an apprentice and will be supporting operations, as well as ramping up to be a badass developer.  Wait! What about Picturely? Picturely was a great project where I learned a lot. One of the goals of picturely […]

This weekend I participated in the AT&T Mobile HTML5 Hackathon. I had very mixed feelings in the beginning about my participation for multiple reasons. The first reason in which I was against participating is because I have a number of incomplete apps from previous hackathons that I have yet to complete, and I didn’t want […]

First, my apologies for starting a daily post on TED and stopping after day 2. It was my intention to chronicle each day, but TED ended up getting the best of me, and I got the best of TED. I decided not to do a recap of the TED talks. It is available online on […]

Roughly three weeks ago, I packed up my belongings and moved home temporarily. Yes, I moved in with my parents back home in Philadelphia. Yes, I’m 32 and now living home with parents. Majority of society would not think highly of my current situation. In fact, it may appear that I’m “moving backwards.” A little […]

Normally, I already fall in the category of ‘conscious spender’ or some may say cheap. However, I’ve become even more conscious since leaving the job. The first and most important step I took was cutting my living expense in half by moving in with roommates. This week I decide to make another extreme move and […]

Its been two weeks since leaving the part-time work and being able to focus on the startup full-time. The harsh reality of business building has approached fast. The single phrase to describe the past two weeks would be described as pivots and moments of insanity. Despite the cute novelty of having a view of recent […]