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Tbl uses a script for starting new rails projects. After you run ‘rails new example -d=postgresql’, create a new file in the script folder of the new project. (don’t worry about an extension for the file) Add the contents to the new file Be sure to replace ‘replacemewithusername’ with the actually username. This is the […]

I’m excited to announce that last week I joined the Thunderbolt Labs family. I’ve accepted a role as an apprentice and will be supporting operations, as well as ramping up to be a badass developer.  Wait! What about Picturely? Picturely was a great project where I learned a lot. One of the goals of picturely […]

Omniauth is a simple rails gem that provides multi-authentication for web applications. For example, if you wanted to use have a facebook and twitter login for your app, Ominauth makes this easy to do. Omniauth Identity also makes it easy to add your own authentication, if a user didn’t want to use the other services. […]

I often receive emails or view posts of the flavor, “I have an idea, I don’t know how to code, now what?” This is my response for those who are curious about starting an web-based or software startup. (in no particular order) Start Building Startup Weekend Find a local hackathon Google Lean Startup   Customer […]

#47 Two Many-to-Many – RailsCasts. Found this railscast helpful in trying to understand many to many relationships in ror. And the difference between using has_and_belongs_to_many and the has_many :through. As noted in the railscast, the has_and_belongs_to_many to very limited and does not allow as many options as has_many :through. Due to Ryan’s recommendation in the […]