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They say it could take 10 – 12 years to see significant returns in venture capital. I use this analogy often when talking about our work and approach to changing venture capital to fund more Black and Brown founders. I think visually and can see venture capital as a graphic system. When drawing out the […]

This year, I’ve begun a deep dive into unlearning and re-learning ecosystem building through the lens of what is desired by Black innovators versus corporate social responsibility initiatives such as “Diversity and Inclusion.” At the start of the year, HBCUvc created a new vision statement that reads: To build a global innovation economy where Black, […]

“What does success look like for HBCUvc?” This is a common question asked to us by funders and other potential stakeholders. In the past, I’ve answered the question with the standard variety of jargon — increase diversity in venture capital / technology, increase access to capital, close racial wealth gap. However, even if these things […]