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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 3:30am My alarms goes off Hurried out of bed. Poked my husband and said, “Let’s go! You don’t want to miss it.” We had discussed the plans for my birthday the night before. I was uber excited about the lunar eclipse, and we spoke in length about the best place to see the […]

This past week, I started my first week of 50 coffee dates. In my previous post, I was not excited about any of the coffee dates. In the past, these meetings have been somewhat blah. We meet — then talk around each other for an hour — then promise to connect again — but never […]

Isn’t it ironic that the founder and organizer of Black Founders is saying that she’s sick of the diversity in tech talks? Here’s a couple of scenarios that’s happened over the past couple of weeks. – I participate in the Launch hackathon. As the hackathon is ending, the Launch conference begins and opens up with […]

I’m excited to announce that last week I joined the Thunderbolt Labs family. I’ve accepted a role as an apprentice and will be supporting operations, as well as ramping up to be a badass developer.  Wait! What about Picturely? Picturely was a great project where I learned a lot. One of the goals of picturely […]

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article in the Huffington Post, titled “Art Incubators: How Libraries Offer More Than Books.” The article highlights a project called Library as Incubator that focuses on using libraries as a community resource which support and allow collaboration with artists. The Library as Incubator Project appears to be focus on […]

 I usually try not to duplicate content, especially as most social media streams are filled with some tribute to Steve Jobs or quote by Steve Jobs. However, the impact he has had on this society as an innovator, visionary, and leader is phenomenal. And to be honest, I never read any of the books written […]

Its been two weeks since leaving the part-time work and being able to focus on the startup full-time. The harsh reality of business building has approached fast. The single phrase to describe the past two weeks would be described as pivots and moments of insanity. Despite the cute novelty of having a view of recent […]

Below is a timeline of my first year in San Francisco. You can also view the timeline on Dipity. Hint: You may want to start at the bottom and work your way up. Aug 5, 2011 1 year in Startup Valley Its been a great first year. Gearing up for year 2 in the city. […]

Okay, so it wasn’t nearly dramatic. But this week, I gave notice to my company after 10 years of service. It just became obviously apparent this week, that I was learning more outside of work, than while at work. And my only reasons for staying and dealing with a daily 5 hour commute roundtrip was for […]