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“Do you have any tattoos?” she asked. “No. I thought it would be beautiful, you know, to get through life without any marks.” “You know you’re too loyal? Loyal to a fault.” “Loyal to myself? To my own body? What could be wrong with that?” “To a fault.”

This week I helped to kickoff Delaware State University’s inaugural Android Bootcamp  as lead instructor. I welcomed a total of 13 students, with little to no programming experience, with the intent of teaching programming and Android fundamentals. The program, hosted by historically black college Delaware State University (DelState), is mostly composed of black men, ranging in age from 18 […]

You can’t. I am passionate. Passionate about all I put my energy towards. One of the things that I am passionate about is helping others. I have been fortunate as a beneficiary of those who have helped me. Therefore, I consider it a duty, to help others within my ability. I can’t. I am sometimes […]