Category: Co-Working

(excerpt from Thunderbolt Labs Blog) The Thunderbolt Labs team is highly distributed and travels often. You can find us working at any given moment from San Francisco, Virginia, Maryland, PDX, Barcelona, Sweden, or in between at 38,000 feet. Our team works (and plays) better together than a lot of companies we know where everyone’s forced […]

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an article in the Huffington Post, titled “Art Incubators: How Libraries Offer More Than Books.” The article highlights a project called┬áLibrary as Incubator┬áthat focuses on using libraries as a community resource which support and allow collaboration with artists. The Library as Incubator Project appears to be focus on […]

Update since my quitting post: I have not completely ended my service at my company, but now I work part-time and only go into the office two days a week. So now, you would think I now have plenty of free time to work on my projects. However, since becoming available, a multitude of opportunities […]