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Isn’t it ironic that the founder and organizer of Black Founders is saying that she’s sick of the diversity in tech talks? Here’s a couple of scenarios that’s happened over the past couple of weeks. – I participate in the Launch hackathon. As the hackathon is ending, the Launch conference begins and opens up with […]

So, if it isn’t obvious, I want to clarify that the title of this post is just a catch-title. But I also want to clarify that the organization Black Founders is not just for black people. In fact, the organization is created for all. This statement does not take away from the mission of “increasing […]

It was never my intention to write about racism and meritocracy. Mainly, because I hate “talk” and prefer to “do”. Not saying that “talk” and discussion isn’t helpful, but its never been my thing, I “do”. So it slightly pains me to add to the “talk” with another blog post about racism and meritocracy. First, […]

Below is a timeline of my first year in San Francisco. You can also view the timeline on Dipity. Hint: You may want to start at the bottom and work your way up. Aug 5, 2011 1 year in Startup Valley Its been a great first year. Gearing up for year 2 in the city. […]

When I first met my mentee, 3 years ago, the first thing that she said to me was, “I’m so happy that you’re black!” This was an hilarious moment for the both of us. She later explained that when her social worker mentioned that mentors were volunteers, she associated volunteering with white people. And that […]