Month: August 2012

This week pairing with Tammer Saleh has been pretty cool. Its a great opportunity and I’m learning a lot. My main reasons for joining the TBL team is to ramp up my developer skills. The first feedback from Tammer, after our pairing session was that I didn’t know how to type. Actually, he told me […]

I’m excited to announce that last week I joined the Thunderbolt Labs family. I’ve accepted a role as an apprentice and will be supporting operations, as well as ramping up to be a badass developer.  Wait! What about Picturely? Picturely was a great project where I learned a lot. One of the goals of picturely […]

My blog posts have been quiet with intention. My main objective for blogging is to document my journey as an entrepreneur and developer for my personal use and for others who may have an interest. Its a rarity that I write about personal matters, however I could not return to the routine of blogging without […]