Month: March 2012

Compiled list of my fav resources and tutorials for building rails web apps Twitter Bootstrap is a great styling and css template. It also has responsive design Railscast Tutorial on Twitter Bootstrap OmniAuth Login Authentication  Railscast Tutorial on OmniAuth

Omniauth is a simple rails gem that provides multi-authentication for web applications. For example, if you wanted to use have a facebook and twitter login for your app, Ominauth makes this easy to do. Omniauth Identity also makes it easy to add your own authentication, if a user didn’t want to use the other services. […]

First, my apologies for starting a daily post on TED and stopping after day 2. It was my intention to chronicle each day, but TED ended up getting the best of me, and I got the best of TED. I decided not to do a recap of the TED talks. It is available online on […]

Yesterday proved to be another amazing day at TED. The excitement, over stimulation, and late night from Day 1 caught up with me mid day. After an inspiring talk from Susan Cain on introverts and society being more introvert-friendly, I decided to claim my introvert badge and listened to the next session in one of […]