Month: October 2011

Normally, I already fall in the category of ‘conscious spender’ or some may say cheap. However, I’ve become even more conscious since leaving the job. The first and most important step I took was cutting my living expense in half by moving in with roommates. This week I decide to make another extreme move and […]

Ok, so this is my third annual fundraiser for my birthday. While I lived in San Diego, I became involved with the mentoring of foster youth. While there, I discovered an awesome organization called Voices For Children. Voices For Children is a nonprofit based in San Diego that addresses child abuse through its volunteer Court […]

 I usually try not to duplicate content, especially as most social media streams are filled with some tribute to Steve Jobs or quote by Steve Jobs. However, the impact he has had on this society as an innovator, visionary, and leader is phenomenal. And to be honest, I never read any of the books written […]